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Carving/ Shearing Machine

Carving/ Shearing Machine

This is a well-known carpet carving tool. It allows you to create carpets with a stunning professional look and finish. Georgous rosewood clippers to carve your own handmade rugs! It's an indispensable tool to hand-made rug makers!

The machine is simple to clean.
The line is secure and reliable to guarantee the safety of. It can be utilized for a long period of duration.
The equipment and accessories are well-packed in a an easy-to-carry suitcase which you can carry along with you wherever you go.

The package includes:

1 * User Manual
1 * Electric Clipper
1 * Power Cable
2 * Comb Attachments
1 * Cleaning Brush
1. Carrying case

*** Specifications
Battery : 2000mAh
Speed: 2000-6000rpm
Power: 200W
Power Source: Plug-in electric
Global Universal Voltage:100-240V
Working Mode working with charging

Carving/ Shearing Machine