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Explore our exclusive collection at Daft Pink Art, where each rug is a masterpiece, hand-tufted and tailored to your taste. From whimsical character designs to elegant abstract motifs, our rugs transform any space into a statement of style. Crafted with care from premium acrylic yarn.

Model: B4
Made with 100% loveHandtufted rug Size: 4ft (120cm)..
Brand: DAFT PINK Model: krmi3ft
Meet the Kuromi Wall Rug: This unique and playful piece can add a special touch to your space.It's hand crafted from high-quality acrylic yarn and showcases a detailed Kuromi head. You can hang it or place it wherever you please. Fantastic gift. Let Kuromi's charm brighten up your room!Size: 3f..
Size on the image 4ftYin Yang Cats Rug: Embrace Balance and Feline Harmony! Step into a world where cats and symbolism intertwine with our enchanting Yin Yang Cats Rug. It's more than just a rug; it's a captivating masterpiece that celebrates the beauty of balance and the cherished bond bet..
Model: evileye
Fluffy Evil eye rug Size: 2ft..
Model: itch
Handtufted rug!SIze: 3 ft..
Model: Grlz4
Perfect gift for the Gorillaz Fan , very softYou can change the design if you want, just add a comment to order.Size: 4.3 ftCreation process:Top Reasons to Order a Gorillaz Art Rug for Your HomeIf you're a fan of the British virtual band Gorillaz, you'll be excited to know that you can now add a tou..
Model: prncsmrr3
Princess Mirrorsize : 3 ft (91 cm)Very soft to the touch.All Rugs are Handmade : Rugs are not cheap printed. The Rugs are made using a tufting gun with hypoallergenic acrylic yarn. Each of my handmade rug is drawn, tufted, glued, backed, carved, shaped with love. All rugs are made of high quality ma..
Model: Actvtvrng
Hand tufted Activity Rings Circle Rug.Size on the image : 3ftLooking for a vibrant and modern rug that can brighten up any space? Look no further than the Activity Rings Circle rug! This area rug is perfect for use as a bedroom rug, kitchen rug, or dining room rug, and its custom design features int..
Brand: DAFT PINK Model: grg2
This adorable baby Yoda rug will keep your room extra special. A Grogu rug is something your home will never be without. You can change his eyes. Size : 120cm (3.9ft)Made of Acrylic (hypoallergenic) Perfect for the bedroom.Bring your home a little bit of the galaxy...
Brand: DAFT PINK Model: nkjrdn
Hand made Work! Made from Acrylic. Very soft! Pleasure for your foots.Nike Rug Size:119x80cm (4 x 2.6ft)This bold rug redefines the minimalist aesthetic, with a colorful design inspired by Nike's Air Jordans.This Jordan rug will add a finishing touch to any room. Featuring a modern tufted design in ..
Model: clrnke
To be honest, the creation of this Nike rug took a lot of time. Nike Tufted Rug: A Perfect Addition to Your Sneakerhead CollectionIf you are a sneakerhead, you know that collecting sneakers is not just a hobby, it's a lifestyle. You spend hours hunting for the perfect pair and take great care of th..
Model: nke1
Juicy, colorful Handtufted Nike RugAre you looking for sneaker rugs? I think this Juicy Nike rug will fit perfectly in your interior.Size: 3.3 ft ( 105 cm) Creating process:Elevate Your Sneaker Room Decor with a Colorful Handtufted Nike RugAre you a sneaker enthusiast looking for sneaker room ..
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